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Brazil chapter 2
day 5
sleeping lastnight was pretty hard an when i finaly got to sleep i had a nightmare about tuai and a crushed pot of humous. Just been into town for a spot of grub, picked up Lucas’s boy Gee on the way back an he wanted to sit with his dad so the danger dog drove us back, this hapend to be the second time he’d ever tried to drive a car. spent the rest of the afternoon chilling on the porch till it was cool enough to ride. Had a sweet sesh with three of the locals who were pretty wild, one of them had a bleedin chin, another had no pads an im pretty sure the last one was smashed good clean fun though, there was a powercut so now were chilling by candel light, jards is playing guitar an i think were going to have a barbeque, no i was wrong were going out, HOT POINT!
Day six
sun is shining weather is sweet yeah, felt a bit shit this morning, too much cervesa last night, had some weird milk spread on bread for breakfast and again for lunch, loveleeee. Today was amazing, we spent most of the day on the proch then had an epic sesh, to top it all off De Gedge (probably the best over 30 mountainboarder in the world) got out some crazy guitar thing and accompanied by leo on drums started bustin some classic tunes while i sat listening drinkin some fine local tea. Just watched one of Terror dog tony’s many horror films, now im gona have nightmares

Day seven
the weathers nice and cool today, we chilled, plaued guitar and cleaned the pool ready for the hot week to come. Gold blacks cooking again, he needs a Michelin star or some shit. Sat by the lake watching the frogs and listening to the birds, nice.
Day eight
went for a sick jib with T dog this morning while lucas and Jards were cleaning the pool, even got shat on by a bird, not sure if thats good or bad luck, ill take the good. yet another well good day, lounged in the pool then went for another ride at dusk with Jards this time. Now im sittin listening to Jamie T waiting for the Columbians to arrive. bring on the weekend, should be amazing, there’s riders coming from all over, on the cocktails again en et!

Chapter three next week
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see here chapter one

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Tom Kirkman`s Reporting About His Trip In Southbrazil 2009

Brazil chapter one!

Brazil AKA don’t forget the time you an Kodey stroked the cow or when he ollied over a three ft monitor lizard.
I’ve gota start by saying the biggest up to Lucas, his family, the CMP crew (Gold Black, Dogga and Tone) the man with the horse and all the other class people that made me feel so welcome in their beautiful country
Day one

eleven hours and one seriously discrepant flight later I’m able to stretch out them long lanky legs of mine, I arrived at Sao Paulo with a 5 hour wait till my connecting flight to Porto Allegro, so I settled down for a spot of people watching.

This was the first time in a agesI had travelled alone, which made everything all the more exciting. Waiting waiting waiting, shit I hate waiting, After watching countless beautiful women go bye, an a few munters, It was time for me go get my plane.

When I left home I was so chuffed to be getting away from the rain, but guess what, its raining, I’m not even joking.

Finally made it to Cabure mountain board park accompanied but the Patrol (Lucas) and techno Tony doggy, already seen two eagle’s an owl you could fit in your pocket and shit loads of bright yellow birds, this place is beautiful!
Day two

I sleep walked last night, something about a tap, I put it down to the heat. Just been for my first ride, the park is sick, don’t think I’ve ever sweated this much in my life though. Me an doggie are chilling on the porch stroking the dog with crazy eyes. I feel right at home, the 13 odd dogs are gona drive me crazy though!

Stacked it twice today, did have mega flat tyres though, excuses excuses ey.what
Day three

Last night was the hottest night of the year, an don’t I know it, no blankee, sleeping in a puddle of sweat, gota get a fan! Had a class night last night, Lucas did a barbeque an we sat up all night drinking cashasa and eatin meat, chicken hearts and some more meat. had a fun little jib on the porch this morning, landed a kick flip and a pop shovet, we had a jam in the forest this afternoon sat on a log, good times, then Jards hooked us up with some sweet grub yet again, bedtime.
strawberry jam
Day four

Been out grooming this morning, the jump went from looking like a hairy p*&&y to a fine Brazilian wax ; Tom, don’t forget there is 20 real’s in your trouser pocket! Had a pretty exciting action packed day, at about 12 we headed into Porto Allegro and got some lunch at a grimy little café, love it, you don’t get places like that in the uk. After a hearty feed and a glass of guarana we shot off to the local skate plaza where I had a skate off with some locals then to a meeting with mr Nike sb, that chaps got a nice job!, after that we went to another park, this place was one of the coolest things id ever seen, an old school snake run from the 1980s full of guys and girls on long boards boosting mega airs an shit.

spent the rest of the evening sitting on the street in crystal drinkin beer then we went for a meal at the most crowded restaurant I’ve ever been to, you should see the wasps over here they are some evil looking mothers.

chapter two coming when i get round to it.